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Breathplay or erotic asphyxiation is a form of sexual arousal that has been practiced for a long time and is said to be very good, maybe even as good as the rush that you get when consuming cocaine. The rush brought from the denial of the vital air, leading to a state of hallucination because of the lack of air to the brain, in combination with an orgasm is said to be the most intense experience that anyone has ever felt.

But it`s also very dangerous, because there are several reported cases of deaths due to breathplay and you can`t just ask a Facebook friend to help you with it. You need someone that knows how to do this, that has done this many times and that can assure you that you will still be alive after your experience. So, if you are into something like this, you should add a mistress to your Facebook friends and ask her to perform erotic asphyxiation on you in exchange for cash.

There are different types of erotic free sex cam asphyxiation that your new Facebook friend can perform on you, it just depends on what you like, what you are into. Strangulation is probably the most basic for of erotic asphyxiation, because all you need is a part of hands and you are good to go. It can be quite painful also, so if you are into masochism also, it will be all the more intense. Having your mistress wrap her hands around your throat and just tighten the hold every second, feeling your life going away from you and then a sudden release and you feel yourself flying above it all and your boner just bursting. If you want to use an instrument, then you should do smothering sessions. Smothering can be done with a pillow, which is the most basic thing you can use when smothering a person, or if you want it to seem like rape or abduction, you can use a piece of cloth and put it over the nose or stuff it in the mouth. Making it seem like a terrorist attack or something similar is what bagging is used for. It is exactly what it sounds to be: you get a bag place on your head and it is tightened around your neck and the air supply is limited to only half a minute if you are lucky. The best way to feel the sensation of drowning is by exercising waterboarding: the mistress pours water over the head and mouth of the slave, so that he feels like he is drowning and the asphyxiation commences. It is a lot more brutal than the other methods perhaps, but the air deprivation sensation is the same, there is not on Oxygen, but Hydrogen in the mix also.

There are many types of free fetish video sex rooms asphyxiation techniques that you can try, but you have to find a  good looking milf mistress that is willing to do all this, because some of them can`t handle it, so they choose not to risk.

Some men just love to be judged and laughed at, their clothes taken away and their body being examined and maybe even hit in areas that maybe they are proud of. They are more than willing to pay for something like this and are very glad to submit to the lady that makes them feel the worst humiliation possible.

Having their clothes taken away from them is the best thing that could happen, because then they are vulnerable and cannot escape the humiliation that they are put through. Once the mistress has their clothes, they belong to her and she will take her time in making them feel worthless and very unattractive. She will chat with him or, might I say, she will tell him how small his penis is and how he can never satisfy a woman, about how he is so ugly that people must be scared just looking at him in the street. But most of the comments will be directed to the male sexual organ, which most men think of as their pride, their manhood, the one thing that makes them men. No matter if the man`s dick is huge, the mistress will laugh and call it tiny and unsatisfactory, just so that the man will be so humiliated that he will not be able to do anything other than just stand there and listen. The free mature sex cams can also hit the man as another sign of humiliation, slap his balls and whip him, or hit him in the dick with her shoe. All this is done so that the man is sexually stimulated, because this is what he likes and nothing else. Sometimes, the mistress might lift her skirt to let the man see what he is missing and what he will never get because he is so worthless and unsatisfactory and only real men get to have this. Or maybe she will let him take off one of her shoes so that he may see her perfect feet, if he has a foot fetish, that is, but he will not be given the chance to touch it, kiss it or do anything else that he may want to do. Other types of fetish can be involved in CFNM, such as panty fetish cams, because as the male is being humiliated, the mistress may be wearing only a pair of sexy panties so that he may see what he is missing and making him very aroused. After that, while he is so turned on, she can make fun of his tiny arousal and humiliate him even further.

All this can also be done in public and the mistress may chat with the spectators and make fun of her puppet. While the people around him chat about how unsatisfactory he is, the man can only stand there and listen as his honor is being trampled and his dignity is being kicked in the balls. Maybe even be kicked in the balls for real.

These two seem like they are ready for business, and when it comes to sex, they are very serious about it. They look like a nice serious Latino couple, and they look like they will want to fuck a lot too. They don`t have many pictures, but you can see most of the things that you might want to see, like their bodies. They don`t take pictures in sexy positions, maybe just the girl when she is showing you her ass, which is a really nice ass, might I say. He seems like the muscular type of guy, that likes to work out and always be in shape. He has dark hair and dark eyes that seem to want to seduce you into going into their private sex cams. She is a woman that has meat on her bones and looks good just like that. She does not care if she has an extra pound here and there because she is sexy just as well, even more like that. She has dark hair and dark eyes as well, just like he does because they are both Latino, which makes them a Latino couple.

They are only 26 years old each, but they know just what they want, and that is either a woman or a man into their private live sex chat. They want someone that they can include into their couple, and that is interested in a threesome. They want to have some fun like that and maybe repeat the experience as much as possible. If they don`t stick with the same person, then that is alright because they can always find someone new. They were rated at only 3 stars, which is not bad, but it is not the best either. Maybe if they find someone else to have a threesome with, they will like the other person so much and the other way around that person will stay for good, and they will become a permanent threesome on this website. Maybe then, they will get more than just 3 stars.

What they like are big butts, just like the girl`s or maybe even bigger. They get really excited when they see a really big butt, and they can touch it and see it jiggle. Also, they like big dick and sexy underwear. When it comes to how the people that they are interested in should look, they say that they want a man that have great bodies and good, well-educated women that like to be used as slaves.